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Hickory Events 2011 in Finland



  • 14.5. SGHS Annual General Meeting, Keimola Golf, Vantaa
  • 29.5. Finnish Hickory Tour, Keimola Hickory Open, Keimola Golf, Vantaa. Open to all hickorygolfers


  • 12.6. Evolvit Hickory Open, Kytäjä Golf, Hyvinkää. Open to all hickorygolfers


  • 1.-2.7. Open Finnish Hickory Championship, Pickala Golf Club, Seaside-course. Open to all hickorygolfers
  • 9.7. Tuusula Hickory Open, Tuusula Golf, Tuusula . Open to all hickorygolfers
  • 23.-24.7. Nordic Hickory Match, Djursholm Golf Club, Stockholm. Match between Finland and Sweden.


  • 6.8. Deco Hickory Open, Yyteri Golf, Pori. Open to all hickorygolfers
  • 27.8. Golfpiste Hickory Open, Vuosaari Golf, Helsinki. Open to all


  • 17. Vanajanlinna Hickory Final, Linna Golf, Hämeenlinna. Open to all hickorygolfers

If you are interested in any of the events above or need more info, please send a email to secretary of SGHS or contact Golfantiikki (www.golfantiikki.fi)



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