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SGHS - In English

Briefly In English



The Finnish Golf Historic Society (SGHS)

The Finnish Golf Historic Society was founded in 2007. Now running stronger with more members and more activity than ever. International events will also play a big part in our calendar this year.
The current number of members is 62 and growing, the main objective of the Society is to raise awareness on the wonderful history of our game, to establish a golf museum in Finland , to promote playing with hickory clubs and to provide information on collecting golf items.

Year 2010 the Society will organise Finnish Hickory Championships in Helsinki at Helsinki Golf Club, Tali (17.7.2010). We will also arrange the now traditional Nordic Hickory Match which will be played on the 16 th of July, a day before the Championships also at Helsinki Golf Club, Tali.

We would welcome everybody to join our events, specially the Finnish Hickory Championships. The very popular Finnish Hickory Tour organised by company Golfantiikki, will again run this year with different events, the calendar can be found on this site. More info at www.golfantiikki.fi

In year 2010 we hope to get even more active and also have the chance to establish relationsips with other international societies.



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